Whatever we have, we share.

One of our core philosophies is: “whatever we have, we share”.  This includes produce from our gardens, fruit and nut trees, and our time.

 With this in mind, Riffelhof Vineyards has committed 25% of our annual production in 2017 to benefit our local volunteer fire department, Mountain Valley Fire: Company 65.

Company 65 is the lifeblood of our small community located in the Squaw Valley-Miramonte AVA. Besides protection from the ever present threat of wildfire, Mountain Valley Fire is also our medical first response.

Despite an annual community fundraising campaign, Company 65 operates on lean donations to cover wildfire response, emergency medical situations, and traffic support functions. That’s why Riffelhof wants to help.

We have partnered with Company 65 to create a commemorative Zinfandel wine. A full sixty percent of what is raised during this campaign will directly benefit our brave first-response heroes.

Riffelhof Vineyards believes that we must honor our finest community heroes with the finest of wines. And so we have selected French oak barrel-aged Zinfandel which comes from the same vines which won back-to-back medals from the San Joaquin Valley Winegrower Association (2011 & 2012) facing competition from heavyweights like Paso Robles, Sonoma, and Fresno State wineries. So you know it will be a great varietal.

A special label has been designed to commemorate the benefit and the wine has been dubbed Rapid-Response Red. We are so excited to be able to help support Company 65.

 When not perfecting our vintages, we dedicate much of our time participating in community building groups. We are members of the San Joaquin Wine Growers Association. We are co-founders of the Squaw Valley-Miramonte American Viticultural Area. We are active with our local garden club, the Four Seasons Garden Club of Squaw Valley.  And we hold, and have held, positions of responsibility with our church and local Chamber of Commerce.

If you have it, share it.  If you won’t, why do you have it?  Living is about being generous supporters of our community.