Mead is the most ancient form of alcoholic drink and is finally experiencing a resurgence in popularity. We are proud to be part of this long-awaited renaissance. We have four categories of our Meads, designed to introduce cautious newcomers to the Mead experience as well as delight Mead aficionados.


These meads will expand your horizons. Venture out of the ordinary and explore the outer limits of the Mead experience. These meads range from super juicy, to exotic, and even delve into spicy territory. There is a wide world of Mead to explore.


These meads are lower in alcohol content and have flavor profiles akin to familiar wines and hard ciders. If you are new to Mead and want to see what the hype is all about, this is a great place to start. Consider it your initiation.


Good things come to those who wait. Some of our meads just taste best cuddled around a roaring fire or chilling out by the pool. These seasonal treats are specifically crafted for sharing on special days. Your loved ones deserve better than “Pumpkin Spice,” and we want to help you deliver it.


These Meads highlight the very best of our Meads. They include styles which require the special attention and exotic ingredients that make them the envy of other meads. They are often aged longer, feature expensive honey varieties and are forged with passion and skill.


Our Mead Meister, John, comes from a culinary family and is one of three brothers who have been trying to out-shine each other since they were very young. This constant competition led each man to hone their culinary skills in different ways.

John’s love of flavors, aromas and the art of balancing tradition and experimentation led him to start brewing beer in 2004. He expanded into creating meads in 2008.

The art of the fermentation and the way the flavors evolve and play off each other satisfies his culinary curiosity, but it is the sharing of mead with friend and family that truly feeds his soul.

While many meaderies offer their products primarily in small, artisan-style bottles, we feel that mead is best experienced when shared with others so you will find our meads in shareable-sized bottles as well as sampler-sized.

Honoring the history, perfecting the art.


Since mead is made from honey, many people assume that it must be sweet and syrupy. The truth is there are just as many nuances available to meads as there are to grape wine. They can be dry or sweet, fruity or refined, still, carbonated, focused on rare honey varietals, or showcase the qualities of a specific strain of yeast.



Meads are traditionally made with honey, yeast and water, yet also often feature herbs, peppers, fruits and even unexpected vegetables. The wonderful world of mead is both complex and diverse.


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