Christmas Boutiques and Craft Faires

Dunlap Community Club Craft Fair and Central Sierra Chamber of Commerce Boutique

We managed to attend both the Christmas Boutique at the Central Sierra Chamber of Commerce and the Christmas Craft Faire at the Dunlap Community Club. Thank you to all those who stopped by to see us and wish us well. We introduced several new gift basket styles adding to our already popular wines. Of course, the pecans and walnuts were enjoyed by all.

Orionids Wine Walk & Watch Party

Riffelhof Vineyards hosted a Orionids Wine, Walk, and Watch Party on Friday, 19 October 2018 in appreciation of our wine club members. A dinner was prepared by Mountain Top Chef champion, Chef Jack, and included crustless mini quiches with bacon and asparagus with a vegetarian stuffed mushroom. For the entree we served butternut squash soup with caramelized onions and apples with the option of a bacon crumbled garnish. In addition a mixed green salad was served with pickled red onions and sliced strawberry. The star of the meal was roasted chicken with white wine sauce, or a vegetarian roasted butternut squash, either of which was served with a cauliflower mash. Topping off the meal dessert of creme brulee with apples and reduced red wine sauce was served.

Rocktoberfest 2018

The first annual Rocktoberfest was held at the legendary Pinehurst Lodge with live music and BBQ. Several vendors proffered their wares along side artisan wine and craft beer tasting. Nearly all ended up dancing by the pool.

Patriots Day Fundraiser For MVFD Company 65
9/11 2018

We were grateful to be able to present this event in conjunction with Twins Valley Restaurant in support of our MVFD Company 65 first responders. Money raised will go towards new equipment for the crew.

Summer Wine & Growlers at Project Survival's Cat Haven July 2018

We had a great time meeting new people who enjoyed our two new wine releases featuring Savannah’s Pride and Exotic Pause.

Mountain Top Chef Festival Awards Dinner 2018

Turkey Testicle Festival 2018

We had a fun time pairing Riffelhof wines with the main attraction of the day !!

Turkey Testicle Festival 180616

Mother's Day Brunch May 13, 2018

Mothers Day at Twin Valleys Restaurant

Riffelhof Vineyards wines were available at Twin Valleys Restaurant for brunch. Wines were meticulously paired with the special Mother's Day brunch menu prepared and served that day. Wines presented included our White Oak white wine blend, Red Ruby--a red wine blend--, our Jack Horner Plum wine, and Elderberry wine.

Rally Point Dinner March 19, 2018

Rally Point Dinner a Benefit for Veterans Affairs

The Rally Point Dinner at the Twin Valleys Restaurant in Dunlap, CA, was a success. We were able to make a difference by donating a portion of our proceeds to the Fresno Veterans Administration. This event gave us an opportunity to launch our Courage Red Wine Blend, which became an instant hit.

Winter Wine & Growlers February 2018

Wine & Growlers: Project Survival's Cat Haven

February 2018: We are invited to pour at the Project Survival’s Cat Haven. Photo Credits

Wine & Growlers

February 2018
Project Survival’s Cat Haven
We had so much fun pouring wine and meeting new people at this event!  The large game cats were amazing. Check out the article written by Dean & Mindy
about the event.