Wine Walk Weinfest 2019


Wine walk and winefest (weinfest) is set up as a thankyou event for your wine club members, hence their 15% discount!!

Our friend, Chef Jack, is returning to delight us in his culinary skills. The theme of the meal is German food. From the salads to the main meal and dessert, each dish will be prepared to bring to you a taste and presentation of Germany.

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DATE: Friday Oktober 11, 2019

TIME: 6pm – 9pm, arrive anytime after 5:30

LOCATION: Riffelhof Vineyards, 44011 Dunlap Road, Miramonte CA

DIRECTIONS: View Map (do not use your favorite mapping program)

Wine walk and wine festival, for Riffelhof Vineyards wine cellar club members and friends.

We will be serving some newly released Riffelhof Vineyards wines, a Pomegranate Ros@, an Aglianico, a 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon, and maybe an unknown or two we find in the cellar!!

This German themed menu includes 3 courses following appetizers.

Appetizer: hearty homemade breads with onion/leak spread, fresh made liverwurst, and beer cheese.

Soup and Salads: served family style, a vegetable based soup with potatoes, beans, and cabbages. Three different and unique salads to be eaten with portions of each on the plate.

Main course: pork loin prepared a la Jack over German spætzle (noodles) covered with pork & mushroom gravy, roasted brussel sprouts, and green beans.

After the main course, a short walk is very typical in Germany. We will have a short meander in the moonlight prior to our dessert!

Dessert: a light pear tart with a drizzled vanilla bean sauce.

Of course, wines will be available before dinner, served with dinner, and the concluding with the release of our second Pomegranate (Sapphire) Rosé.

Our wines will be available throughout the evening.

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