Cabernet Sauvignon

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Cabernet Sauvignon Riffelhof Vineyards

It’s said that a California Cabernet Sauvignon never disappoints but even within excellence there are outliers.

This deep-red wine is sourced from Riffelhof vines grown on the face of majestic mountains and located inside the Squaw Valley – Miramonte AVA.

Like all Cabernet Sauvignon the flavor profile includes black cherry, black currant and blackberry but only here will you discover mysterious hints of licorice, black pepper, tobacco, and vanilla. Some claim to taste crisp green bell peppers.

This stunning wine sits fabulously with braised short ribs, a charred gruyere burger or mushroom pizza championed by a perky tomato sauce.

London broil | tri tip | umami flavors | rib-eye steak | mushroom pizza

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